SEO and Its Importance

Today it is a proven fact that a successful and efficient Search Engine Optimization and website design campaign can work wonders for any brand. Oakland Web Design company explains why.

Today the Internet is a bet’s top dog in distributing brand promotions. It creates fads penalties which in turn draws traffic to your site and brand. If your website doesn’t have traffic there is no one to share your knowledge with. Social media is another major feature that has been used widely by all entrepreneurs, but with so many sites and potential alternatives for generating traffic, how do you ensure you have a favored spot at the top?

SEO for your brand

SEO is a system of optimizing your site by gaining what is known as “authority”. The more authority any site obtains Google will give it a higher ranking.

So how do you achieve this?


Content is the key to authority. It is clear to see that sites with quality content are ones that will not only survive but will also be ranked highly. This means using your knowledge and being creative you can’t go wrong.


Keywords are phrases that users will search for in a search engine. If your site is optimized for a set of keywords that are connected to your brand or product, you will be sure to get good traffic and of course, that is going to mean more customers or more conversions.

Now that you have a firm grasp on the dynamics of SEO, you can easily implement the strategy and double or even triple your exposure with your brand and site, and all for less than the cost of a couple of inf Do-it-Yourself SEO courses.

The Frames

First and foremost you need to understand that your website is not a static collection of pages. When you think of it, Google considers every web page on a website as a new separate page. Each page is constructed on a ScrollableLink Structure (Semantic Indexing – approach that Google uses to understand the content of your site). Each link can be thought of as a vote for the pages around it. The links are then classified by the PageRank of the page they are linked from. That explained why you’ll often find websites with higher PageRank linking to sites with lower PageRank, or from pages that themselves have a PageRank.

If the SiteLink exceeds the PageRank of the target page, then some of the PageRank “votes” are not counted, and the link will not have as much value as it would if the PageRank matched the search term. Links pass PageRank one at a time. It doesn’t mean that the one link will get zero PageRank. One-way links are more valuable than reciprocal links.

An alternative to the efficacy of links lies in the Offer. If a site offers informational content or tools it can be a Focus for outgoing links to related sites. That doesn’t mean that a site won’t link to yours without a link-building campaign, but it does mean that it is going to need to link to you for the benefits of semantically themed links.

Semantically themed links mean that the target page is themed around a keyword that is relevant to the search that was conducted so that the link gains value when that keyword is searched for. Links are going to have a lot more value when composed around keywords that are related to that content. LSI links are going to be more valuable, and semantically themed links are going to be more effective.

Links are going to be more valuable when:

Bay Area Web Design Wizards believes, that to allocate links, and content aside, the budget is the first worry. If you’ve got a hundred a month to spend on link-building CPCs, then you’ve got to make sure that you spend it on quality resources. Used well, a good SEO firm can bring you referrals from sites you’d otherwise never be noticed. When your goals are to increase your bottom line, then you’ve got to make sure that you not only invest in your own bottom line but that you invest it month after month in making sure that your link prospects are satisfied.